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Charles Lindbergh Murders His Own Child?

Posted by: eclouser | January 8, 2009 |

On the night of March 1, 1932 Charles Lindbergh kidnapped his 20 month old son, and on a later date brutally murdered him. Throughout the investigation Charles made it seem as though it was an uneducated German man who committed the crime. The ransom note had many mistakes in spelling, and grammar. Yet any educated person can purposely make these mistakes to make the police believe this, and they did. They fell for Charles trick.

He never seemed to be an honest man to me and he sure was a prankster. I mean what kind of father hides his child in a trash closet and tells his family the poor child has been kidnapped? I mean come on now, are we 5 years old here? He had been like this throughout his whole life. He use to brag about how he let his friend drink kerosene, and have severe internal burns. Now I don’t think that’s funny at all, seriously harming someone is not a joke.

Charles Lindbergh was not known for telling the truth. I mean he did have 5 children with 3 other women, not including the two he had with his wife. And throughout the whole ordeal he never really seemed very eager to get his child back. He was sick and cruel men, who kidnapped and murdered his own 20 month old son, and then let Bruno Hauptmann, German carpenter, take the blame for it. Hauptmann was given the death penalty for a crime he did not commit. When in reality Charles Lindbergh, a malicious man, did the most unthinkable crime. Now with all this in mind do you believe that Charles Lindbergh committed this crime? I sure do. He wasn’t a very honest man, and there really is no evidence against Bruno Hauptmann. There was a little piece of paper, with the number of the man who delivered the ransom note, yet a reporter claims that he had written it. Then there was a man who placed Hauptmann at the scene of the crime around the time it was committed. But the man was blind! Now seriously? Theres no way I would believe that…so you tell me.do you think Hauptmanns guilty or do you think Lindbergh committed this horrible crime?

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You’re absolutely correct. Harming someone else is not a joke, and based on Charles Lindbergh’s previous judgement.. he did not care about the outcome of his actions and how they effected others. I also like how you stated how Lindbergh was smart enough to frame Hauptmann. I believe that he really did murder his child and his past experiences with his “friend” prove it.

I totally agree with you in every way! This man absolutly commited the crime and he was a horrible person for doing it. I think it’s also sad that Bruna had to do the time for Lindbergh’s crime. But one question, was Bruno really blind? Haha, or was that a figure of speech? Anyway, you did a great job and I enjoyed reading the arctible.

That was really good because it was very conversational and fun to read. You definatly got your point across even though it was a little repetitive. Your links were good so people have easy access to learn more about these people. Over all great job!

I totally agree with you as well. Its ridiculous that a man would do that to his OWN child, not saying that its right to do to another child because its so not. I liked how your blog was conversational and you asked questions during it.
What did his family think?

Emily, sorry if I confused you, but when I was talking about the blind man I meant that during the trial there was a witness who placed Hauptmann at the scene of the crime. The catch is the man was blind.So really it makes no sense at all.

Emma, when i was researching about this, I didn’t really find anything on what his family thought about it. At the time of the murder Lindbergh only had a wife. She didn’t really comment on the fact that many believed her husband did it.

I completely agree with you. Lindbergh was a sick and cruel man had no right to let another man take the blame for a crime that he committed. I liked in your blog how you asked alot of questions and included your opinion and ended it with a question. goo job!

Woah, crazy… The way you wrote this post, it definitely sounds to me like Lindbergh did it. However, there wasn’t a ton of hard facts or evidence that you mentioned convicting him, either, other than his past. Was there more direct evidence that said he did it? It doesn’t seem to me like the German guy convicted did either, and from his past Lindbergh most likely did, I was just wondering about the evidence.

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