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A symbol for the Bahai faith

A symbol for the Baha'i faith

Bahaism, or more commonly known as the faith of Baha’i, is a monotheistic religion that was founded by the latest in what is said to be a line of prophets directly from god, named Baha’u'llah.  The man who was given credit for founding the religion lived from 1817 to 1892 in Persia, which is also considered to be where the religion was born.

In its early years it fased much adversity as it began to grow, and Baha’u'llah himself faced many exiles.  Up to current day however, Baha’i has spread all over the world, having temples on every major continent except South America (which they are

The Lotus Temple is the largest Bahai Temple in the world.

The Lotus Temple is the largest Baha'i Temple in the world.

currently designing one to build in Chile) and Antarctica.  Many of these temples are considered to be sacred sites, and members of the Baha’i faith are encouraged to travel to them when possible.         Bahaism has been spread mainly through contagious diffusion, having most of the religions members brought in from there own personal interest.  As the religion spread from the Middle East to around the globe, it has stayed just about the same.  The basic Baha’i beliefs are still intact.  In this way, it can be compared to the more famous, older religions such as Christianity and Islam.            Bahaism, at its roots, is a religion that answers a very common question asked in the religious world.  Why are there so many different religions?  Bahais believe that all major religious figure heads, such as Jesus, Muhammad, Abraham, and most recently Baha’u'llah, are all prophets, or manifestations of god.  and each religion that has come to be from these “prophets” is considered to be what the world needed at the time of each of there coming.  They believe that each one of the religions, when, traced back, goes eventually to the same god, just on a different path.
Baha’i has been around for a good amount of time, but they only have just started to become recognized as a faith.  Over time, people from all backrounds have decided to accept this faith, making no clear distinction between classes or races.  Which is a little ironical in itself, considering that the religion

Bahais believe that all the worlds religions can be traced back to one all powerful god.

Bahais believe that all the worlds religions can be traced back to one all powerful god.

itself is based on unifying all the worlds religions in a sense.

Here is a link to view a sample of the Baha’i cultural landscape


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