Hitler as a Child    On September 3, 1939, the countries of France and England declared war against Adolf Hitler and the country of Germany. This would be the beginning of World War II, which would become the most fatal war in human history. Ending in about 60 million deaths, including 6 million innocent Jews killed in concentration camps, and almost every country in the world involved in it, the war would also be the most destructive war in human history. Most of these events happened because of the dictator Adolf Hitler’s childhood, which was much like what his time in office was like. Throughout his father’s beatings, his social life, and his friendships, Adolf’s life is full of precedents to why he did what he did later in life.

    One of the main examples of how Hitler’s childhood was a precedent to his actions later in life was his cruelty to other people like his father did to him. When Adolf was a child, his father Alois was an alcoholic that had trouble holding back his emotions while his mother showered him with love and affection. But whenever he was drunk and mad at the same time, he would abuse whoever got in his way, especially his children. Since Adolf was the oldest male child in the household for most of his life, because of the older brother moving away, he was often the one who was abused. He was also abused because he did not abide by his father’s wishes. One example is when Adolf was in secondary school, he always wanted to become a painter, which his father would not allow. This led to multiple beating to try to change his mind from becoming a painter. Later in his life, Adolf used his anger against his father’s cruelty against the Jews in the Holocaust. This is one example of how his father’s actions in Adolf’s childhood influenced his decisions in his childhood.

    Another main example of how Hitler’s childhood is a reason to some of his adulthood events is his schooling. When Adolf was in secondary school, he was very anti-social. He had trouble with his schoolwork and had to leave school right after it ended to get to his house, which was miles away. This did not allow him to be social like the rest of the children, which is like his years in prison before he became dictator. But after his second year in the same grade, he was a leader of his class and was the person who everyone came to for advice. This is like when he was the dictator. In conclusion, Adolf’s schooling is a lot like the rest of his life because he changed from being unknown to popular in his school just like he did in his country during his adult ages.

    The last part of Adolf’s childhood that reflected what he did in his future was his interaction with his friends. When he was little, Adolf spent most of his days outdoors and with his friends because he had very little homework in elementary school. In fact, he stated in his autobiography Mein Kampf that “School work was ridiculously easy, leaving me so much free time that the sun saw more of me than my room” (Hitler 8). One of the most common games he played with his friends was Cowboys versus Indians. He enjoyed this game because it was a lot like war, which he enjoyed war. This is a precedent for his later life because he brought the whole world into war. This is why his life is like his childhood friend interactions.

    In review, Adolf Hitler’s childhood events were precedents to actions later in his life. In between his family, social life, and friendships, he has displayed many different types of connections between his childhood and his time in office. This is why Adolf Hitler’s childhood is very important to the Holocaust and other events during World War II.


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  1.   jhaverstick Says:

    Wow this is a pretty surprising blog! I did not realize before that Hitler wanted to be a painter. Interesting…

  2.   mqureshi Says:

    You chose a nice picture. Your bibliography was very well organized.

  3.   dawde Says:

    I had never noticed how Hitler had led such a normal life. I had always believed that Hitler and all his previous ancestors were devil worshippers and he was only following through because he was corrupted by his parents like they were corrupted by theirs. Way to prove this stereotyping wrong and show people the real child known as Adolph.

  4.   mlaszkiewicz Says:

    I liked this blog because it gave the readers a look into the childhood that formed the evil man that performed these terrible acts against the jewish population in Europe. This was interesting and scary because it is wierd to see such an evil man’s early life. His baby picture is also rather scary because his eyes look crazed.

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